Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh, Democrats...

I'm a pretty big liberal. While I do have a number of views that are moderate (and, gasp, even a few that would be considered conservative), I identify myself as a liberal.

The key word there is liberal.

What I do not identify myself as is a Democrat. The reason for this? I'm disgusted by just how many Democratic lawmakers are pussies. That's why I'm registered as an Independent.

For the last ten years, the Democrats have allowed Fox News and the right wing of the Republican party to steamroll over them as if they were a timid six year old on a playground full of eight year olds (don't think that's a big difference? Try being a six year old on a playground full of eight year olds.) They have let their opponents define their views & distort their policies, and sat idly by while it happened. The amount of disinformation about Democratic policies is sickening. Hell, I'm astounded by how many people still believe that Obama is a socialist Muslim who wasn't born in this country! That's why I actually like guys like Howard Dean & Joe Biden. Yes, they have their faults. Yes, they may say things they end up regretting. But at least they give enough of a damn to stand up for themselves!

I hate that the right has so successfully painted "liberal" and "progressive" as dirty words. I'm not saying that the left should have done more to paint "conservative" in the same light. I'm saying they should have stood up for themselves in the first place! And it's not just those terms; it goes double for all the legislation they've managed to pass and then backed away from because the right did such an amazing job of distorting it & turning it into the work of the devil!

The Onion posted a piece today that brilliantly puts all of this into perspective (and was the impetus for me posting this.) I'd laugh if it weren't so close to the truth that it almost makes me want to cry. The sad truth is that the far right can pretty much say anything they want to about the Democrats & their policies without recourse, because the vast majority of Democratic lawmakers are too afraid of saying or doing anything that anyone will disagree with because they don't want to risk getting tossed out of office.

Hey, guys... guess what? That's why you're getting tossed out of office!

Take a stand! Enough of this sort of being for this idea, or sort of supporting this issue. Take a stance, vote accordingly, and stop backing down because of the far right. I'll clue you, the vast majority of us Americans live somewhere in the middle between the two extremes, and as the Rally to Restore Sanity is proving, we're sick to death of the discussion being controlled by the people on the far sides.

tl;dr version: Dear Democrats: Please grow a pair. kthxbai

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zombie Election 2010

My new short is finished & up online! Go check out Zombie Election 2010 on Funny or Die or YouTube and give it some positive votes for me! This year, the power to prevent or further the zombie apocalypse is in your hands!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Look out, Chi-town!

Just booked my flight to Chicago for November 10-15! I'm planning to see a couple of friends who are in shows while I'm out there (Katie in The Dude Abides at IO's Del Close Theatre on Thursday and Melissa in Cash on Delivery at Saint Sebastian Players on Friday), but the rest of my trip is still pretty open. Definitely want to get around to try and see some of the sights while I'm there, since Chicago is one of the cities I'm considering moving to in a year or so.